Busselton Paving Services

Yes, when replacing pavers, scrape the sand out of the joints. Remove the pavers by gently squeezing them out with two screwdrivers. Replace the repaired paver in its original position, apply the joint sand, and compress it with a rubber mallet.
It is not necessary to seal your pavers, although it is highly encouraged. Consider paver sealing being an investment that must be maintained. Sealing your pavers will extend their longevity by minimizing fading and stains.
Yes! Pavers are used to build a variety of elegant projects such as pool decks, pathways, patios, driveways, and other structures. You may also match the pavers to the colours and textures of your home.
Most of our clients want to reseal every year to enjoy the aesthetic benefits of the seal coating treatment, but this is not possible with asphalt pavements. It is suggested to reseal every two years.
If the pavers are correctly laid and a compactor is used to hold them in place, you will have effectively prevented much of the growth environment. Weeds are also avoided by sealing the pavers.